Weird Band Alert!

Max Q: Can NASA astronauts rock? Yes, they can!


October 2002

By Steve Knopper

Max who? Max Q. A self-described "easy rock" band formed 15 years ago by six NASA astronauts. All of the current six members of the band have flown aboard the Space Shuttle -- lead guitarist Stephen "Steive Ray" Robinson even went 3.6 million miles on the famous 1997 mission on which septuagenerian Senator John Glenn was a passenger!

Bet they play a seriously kick-ass version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," huh? Uh, no, actually, they don't. But the lyrics to one of their original compositions, "Another Saturday Night," go like this: "Another sunrise, another sunset, another orbit, another day out of this world/I got devotion, I got emotion, I got the universe/Now all I need is my girl."

Does "Max Q" refer to the term that describes when the Space Shuttle experiences maximum air pressure 45 seconds after it takes off, by any chance? Why, yes, it does!